Writing experience


Flavours of Melbourne (2nd edition) – Hopetoun Tea Rooms review – December 2013

The Sunday Age – Dignity of Dwarfs is a Very Big Deal (opinion piece) – November 2013

Positive Words  (November 2013 issue) – Sita – Our Family Dog (memoir/story)

TheatreVibe – The Woolgatherer (theatre review) – October 2013

Little People Big Lives – Hardcopy book written and published by Carole Lander, launched 30 September 2013

The Senior Traveller – Now this Little City Went to Market (travel) – September 2013 (Click on Digital Traveller)

TheatreVibe – My Life in the Nude  & Wake in Fright (theatre reviews) – July 2013

Get up and Go – Hopetoun Tea Rooms (restaurant review) – July 2013

TheatreVibe – Race & Drowning in Veronica Lake (theatre reviews) – June 2013

ProBono News Australia – On the Road with SecondBite  (immersion piece) March 2012

Positive Words – shortlisted for mini-short  story competition – To Teach or not to Teach – March 2012 (story on my Blog page)

Fairfax Media – Good Weekend – 2 of Us Graci and Oliver Lynch – February 2013 2ofUs Feb 2 2013

My French Life – Paris to the Moon (book review) February 2013

The Weekend Australian – Vibrant Memories of Vietnam (travel) October 2012

Short Statured People of Australia (SSPA) Journal – No Joking Matter (feature) May 2012

Kurungabaa Journal of Literature, History and Ideas from the Sea – Sail Away (short story) June 2012

The Weekend Australian – Getting Down and Dirty (travel) May 2012

Ziptales Educational Website – Mimi’s Gift (short story) August 2011

Inspire (Dept of Education magazine) – Why Rote Still Gets the Vote (feature article) July 2011

The Journal of Australian Ceramics – 1,000 Magic Bowls (feature article) July 2011

Australian Traveller Magazine (online) – One Magic Bowl (festival review) July 2011

The Weekend Australian – Meet the Steely Locals (travel) February 2011

Sunday Age, Prime Supplement – Artist in Residence (profile) November 2010

Imprint (Print Council of Australia magazine) – Obituary – November 2010

National Times (online) – Seniors are not Fuddy Duddies (opinion piece) October 2010

Sunday Age, Prime Supplement – Déjà Vue All Over Again (personal column) September 2010

Australian Nursing Journal – Working Life (profile) July 2010


2 Responses to “Writing experience”

  1. Karen Cosstick 23 J00000011UTC 2012 at 6:22 am #

    Great article in the Sunday Age Carol. My eldest adult son is short statured and, like most people with dwarfism, just wants to get on with his life like everyone else. He has a career and lives an independent life but at times still has to endure comments etc. from people who give very little thought. Mad Monday just shows that even though we think we live in a sophisticated society we still haven’t moved on when it comes to somebody who is a bit different to the ‘norm’. Keep up the fantastic work.

    • showstosee 23 J00000011UTC 2012 at 7:23 am #

      Thank you Karen. I am grateful to The Sunday Age for printing the article. And glad that readers appreciate the opinion in it.

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